Pediatric Chiropractic Care in Naperville

If you've visited our Naperville chiropractic office, you'll find it's not the typical chiropractic or doctor's office. Any given day, you'll find families filling our space - little ones that are days to weeks old, toddlers, and school-aged kids. In fact, we designed our office with little ones in mind! Why are these families seeking chiropractic care for their kids? They've found that regular chiropractic care helps their children adapt to everyday demands and the stress that comes with it.

When we think of physical stress in childhood, most tend to think of the falls, bumps, and bruises that occur during development. But more often than not, children experience significant physical stress during the birth process and sometimes even earlier, during pregnancy. 

These early stress experiences can shift the child's neurology into a more "stressed" or sympathetic state. As additional stressors build up during development, it becomes harder for our bodies to adapt, leaving their nervous system in this stress mode, or what we describe as having their foot on the gas pedal all day long. The nerves become "hardwired" for stress. 

Common childhood trauma can affect the spine

Kids and teens have more physical, emotional, and chemical stressors in their lives than any other generation before them. By improving the balance between their stress mode (sympathetic/fight or flight response) and their rest and repair mode (parasympathetic/brake pedal), we can help their bodies adapt to these stressors best and not become stuck in this stress pattern.

pediatric chiropractic at our naperville office

When should a child be seen for a Neurospinal evaluation? No matter how natural, the birth process can be a traumatic event for an infant. During each child's history intake, we most often discover a fairly stressful birth experience and/or pregnancy. This early exposure to stress sets the tone for baby's developing nervous system. Working with newborns shortly after birth allows us to correct any Neurospinal shifts that occurred early before they have a chance to take root.

Adjusting a baby is entirely different from adjusting an adult. Contact is made with the tip of the finger. The amount of pressure needed for correction is similar to checking the ripeness of a tomato. Babies will often sleep right through the adjustment it's so gentle!

"I only wish I had found out about how a chiropractic adjustment could have helped my baby sooner. He went from being a "happy spitter" to just being happy." - Patti S.

A child doesn't have to experience back or neck pain when suffering from a Neurospinal shift! Some of the secondary conditions we see in kids + babies visiting our office are colic, ear infections, reflux, constipation, allergies, asthma, ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, and other neurodevelopmental disorders. 

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