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Happy Monday! We spent this past weekend doing all things fall – the Fall Festival in our plaza, last minute costume shopping, picking up pumpkins at a local farm, carving said pumpkins, + making a fall treat (that’s somewhat healthy!). Phew!

I was so happy to see those of you who came to the Fall Festival in our plaza – we had a great turnout – the kids (+ adults) seemed to have a wonderful time! I saw some extremely clever costumes that day – very impressive!

pumpkin gummies recipe ingredients

5 ingredients – pumpkin puree, gelatin, pumpkin pie spice, coconut milk, + maple syrup

I tried a new recipe on Sunday morning. It was a big hit – Pumpkin Gummies. I found the recipe in an article by food blogger, Cheryl Malik, titled “16 Healthy Halloween Snacks”. The article features several good-looking treats. The gummies caught my eye simply because I had everything to make them! There are only 5 ingredients – pumpkin puree, coconut milk, maple syrup, gelatin, + pumpkin spice. I found these cute silicone Halloween molds on Amazon. My kids ate them up while I sat back + smiled, knowing they were getting some nutritional benefit at the same time.

Grass-fed gelatin has many health benefits. This includes aiding digestive function, controlling blood sugar, providing protein, + improving sleep quality according to Medical News Today. Personally, I add this to my coffee every morning. What I notice most from it is stronger, healthier hair (yes, please!) + nails, and I don’t have the stiff + achy feeling in the morning when I get up. I buy this brand.

And while maple syrup may not be the healthiest thing to eat, it does offer some nutritional benefits.  For example, it contains anti-inflammatory antioxidants, manganese + zinc. It has a lower score on the glycemic index compared to sugar, so it won’t spike blood sugar levels as much as sugar would. My children are human. They like sugar just like everyone else (myself included). So if I can get them to eat something like these gummies over a bunch of candy, then I’ll chalk that up as a win.

Pumpkin Gummies Recipe

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