Hi! I’m Dr. Emily Hanners. I’m a chiropractor with a focus on kids + prenatal care. But if I can be completely honest, I had no idea how chiropractic could help little ones while I was in college! I thought it was simply for back + neck pain. Being an athlete, I could understand how it could help with sports injuries. Even after starting chiropractic school, I was clueless about the benefits of chiropractic care for kids – I mean, how much back + neck pain could they really have?!?!

It wasn’t until I entered practice + witnessed the incredible miracles that occurred with children in the office – no more ear infections, colic, reflux/spitting up - just to name a few. It gave me a greater understanding of how the body truly works + what can be done to best support it.

And then… I got married + started a family. Remembering my own childhood that was filled with my fair share of ear infections + other illnesses, I was determined to learn how to support + enhance my children’s health the best way possible. The end result? I have three healthy + happy baby boys (ok, not quite babies anymore), + I am passionate about helping other families achieve the same results to get the most out of life. 

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