Empowering + inspiring families in the Naperville area through specific + gentle chiropractic care. 

Hi! I'm Dr. Emily Hanners. I'm a Naperville chiropractor with a focus on kids and prenatal care. I had no idea about the benefits of chiropractic care until... well... I experienced it firsthand! Every child deserves a great start + chiropractic is essential to helping them thrive.


i'm a mom. just like you.

We don't guess with your health - we test! By investing in top-of-the-line technology, we can objectively assess if we're the best place for you. What does this mean? We give you exactly what you need - nothing more, nothing less. If you're not measuring progress, how do you know you're improving?

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Our Neurospinal scans show us exactly where your body is no longer adapting to everyday stress. When dealing with your health + the health of your loved ones, we want to be as specific as possible. In some cases, that means less is more.

-patti s.

"I only wish i had found out about how a chiropractic adjustment could have helped my baby sooner. he went from being a 'happy spitter' to just being happy."

-Bernard C.

"Dr. Hanners brings a sense of compassion well balanced with scientific knowledge + chiropractic skills."

- Chaka

"I have not had any issues with reflux and my insomnia has significantly decreased!"

- jaclyn

"incredibly knowledgeable! i've learned more from emily than my ob!"

- cory

"Treated like a human being, not just a number"

We believe that a healthy family is the start of a happy family.


Mom is always focused on everyone else. Let us focus on her.


Specific, gentle chiropractic care for your little ones.





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Find our chiropractic office conveniently located in the Naperville Plaza, along with Trader Joe's, Casey's Foods, + Oswald's Pharmacy.
    116 W. Gartner Rd.
    Suite #104
    Naperville, IL 60540
      (630) 423-5960
      (331) 444-2443 (text)

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